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  • Powerful Ingredients: our cranberry chews for dogs contain only the highest-quality ingredients with meaningful properties like cranberry concentrate, marshmallow root & d-mannose. No wheat, corn, sugar.
  • The Power of Cranberry for Dogs: cranberry concentrate – a potent antioxidant, which contains a unique blend of nutrients that pack a powerful health boost for our beloved fur babies of all breeds & ages.
  • Helps Eliminate Uti Symptoms: our cranberry supplement for dogs helps your four-legged friend keep a normal urine ph to maintain a healthy urinary tract. Helps with urinary incontinence & bladder control.
  • Delicious Taste: we know that dogs love goodies just as much as humans, therefore we made our soft cranberry bladder bites for dogs with a yummy duck taste & pleasant smell. Your dog will love them!
  • Trustful Brand: we understand how much your beloved fur babies mean to you. If there are any questions regarding our cranberry pills for dogs, please feel free to contact us anytime you need
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Every ingredient in this chewable dog food for bladder control is chosen with care based on its effectiveness. There is no corn or wheat in the product, making it safe for dogs with allergies to these foods. You can use these chewable as antioxidant and health boost formulas to normalize the ph—level of urine. If there is a kidney stone, your dog will remain safe from its notorious effects and pain. These delicious balls are a treat for your dog’s taste buds and reduce all symptoms of the urinary tract and bladder infection.

Natural ingredients

This product is safe and effective for dogs of all ages because of its all-natural ingredients. Every item in the ingredient list is used in high quality and effective range to protect kidneys from the adverse effects of kidney stones. And the cranberry with marshmallow root is an excellent remedy prescribed by vets for all urinary tract related infections. When there are anomalies in the urine routine of your puppies and adult dogs, giving them these soft chewable will show you significant recovery.


Cranberries are potent remedies for UTIs, bladder health and kidney stone problems. The marshmallow root and nettle extract provide safe healing of damaged cells. And prevent the spread of infection to other cells. Regular use of these ingredients will keep your dog’s immunity high with safety from the bladder and urinary tract infections.


It is one of the best bladder control supplements with all-natural ingredients. The Bladder Control Chews work by bringing urine ph. Level to normal. And the high-quality ingredients repair damaged cells in the urinary tract and bladder to provide quick relief. 

Are bladder control chews safe for dogs?

The absence of the harmful ingredients and chemicals “Bladder Control Chews” by Artulano is safe and healthy medicine for dog bladder control. The natural ingredients guarantee the safety of your dog’s urinary tract and bladder. You can use this product for dogs of all ages. Your puppies and adult dogs love to eat this delicious treat with duck flavor and gourmet taste. All the ingredients used are high-quality natural ingredients that boost immunity and help ward off any infection in the bladder and urinary tract.

Frequently asked questions 

  • How often should I give my dog cranberry supplements?
    A vet can prescribe the best dose for these natural bladder control pills for dogs.
  • Are there any side effects associated with cranberries?
    Cranberries have been used for humans for quite a long time without any side effects and it has the same impact on dogs. 
  • Can I go for cranberry juice instead of chews?
    Yes, you may but making your dog drink the juice Cn become a daunting endeavor. 
  • Is this product safe for pregnant female dogs?
    Female pregnant dogs with bladder and UTIs can take great benefit from this medicine after the vet’s remuneration.
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